Illustrations and visualisations

Wondering how to attract attention to your content?

Illustrations and 3D visualisations, as well as infographics, make it possible to present complex issues and ideas in an accessible, interesting and visually appealing way across all media, from print to social media.

Why invest in illustrations?

Graphics tailored to the message

Graphics bought from stock sites have a low price and are ready to use immediately after purchase. However, their disadvantage is that they do not fit well with the content being communicated. With individually designed graphic materials, your message will be consistent and tailored to your real needs.

Standing out from the competition

You can find similar or even the same images on most stock sites. Due to their low price, they are massively used by businesses. But what if the same stock material is used not only by you, but also by your competitors? How do you distinguish yourself?

Better communication

One picture is said to be a thousand words. Coherent and well-designed visuals, such as infographics and illustrations, are indispensable for communicating difficult issues. They allow you to convey even very complex information in a simple and memorable way.

Grabbing attention

Did it happen to you that you bought a book because it had an interesting, nice cover? It is the same with advertising. Good communication materials are not only about an interesting message, but also about good design. An interesting illustration or visualisation is a great complement to your message.

What we can prepare


Advertising illustrations

Interesting, individually created illustrations can attract attention and facilitate an effective message. Custom-made drawings also have the advantage that no one else will have them, so they are a great way to stand out from the competition.


We draw in a wide range of very different styles and our heads are full of ideas. We also have many years of extensive experience in creating illustrations for advertising, magazines, games and animation.


Our specialities:

  • advertising drawings
  • illustrations for brochures, folders
  • animation illustrations
  • character concepts (brand hero)
high quality

Scientific illustrations and visuals


Scientific illustrations are one of the main branches of our work. Our illustrators and 3D artists have over 15 years of experience in creating them. In the course of their work, they work closely with scientists and specialists in the field to ensure that the works created meet the highest global standards.


Our specialities:

  • medical illustrations (anatomy, medical procedures, etc.)
  • biological illustrations (natural history, anatomy, animal and plant physiology, etc.)
  • biochemistry and molecular genetics
  • chemical visualisations
  • physical visualisations
  • educational and informative infographics

Thanks to the illustrations, even the most complex issue can be made simple to understand.

Clear and interesting


Text with a lot of information is often difficult to read. Infographics are the ideal solution in this case. Thanks to them, even the most difficult issue can be presented in a simple and understandable way, so that a person browsing only the text can immediately understand the most important message.


Our extensive experience in many areas of design and illustration allows us to prepare infographics that are not only clear and comprehensible, but also attract the reader's attention through their fresh look.


3D visualisations

Did you know that already most product images are visualisations? Today, the possibilities of 3D graphics programmes are so great that you can hardly tell the difference between a visualisation and a photo, and sometimes it is even impossible! 3D graphics are today the best way to show your product exactly as you want it.


Our 3D graphic designers will model your product, prepare textures, materials and lighting and render a high-quality visualisation.


Our specialisations:

  • architectural visualisations
  • product visualisations
  • technical visualisations
  • scientific visualisations

Why you should work with us

Focus on message and high quality

We put a very strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality in our work, both graphically and in terms of content, in order to not only capture the subject correctly, but also to delight the viewer artistically.


We have created scientific infographics, advertising illustrations and visuals, social media graphics, magazine covers, book illustrations and much, much more. We have worked with clients from the most diverse industries.


Such a wealth of experience allows us to freely tailor graphics to our clients' needs.

Would you like to see what we do?

How much does an illustration cost?

Not sure what to budget for illustrations or 3D visualisations? Describe your project to us and we will try to help you with a quote.


Remember, we can always find a solution where we can meet your needs while still fitting within your budget.

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