Projects for science

Do you want to reach a wide audience with your scientific project?

Science is beautiful. It can enchant with both its simplicity and its complexity. However, for non-scientists to see this beauty, it sometimes takes more than just a textbook text. And this is where we come in. We assist scientists and scientific institutions in developing graphic materials, such as graphics for scientific papers or covers for scientific and popular science journals.


We also help to popularise science in Poland through an appropriately selected form (presentations, multimedia, visuals, printed materials). We explain even the most complicated issues in a simple and accessible way for everyone.

What we can prepare

Scientific illustrations and visualisations

Illustrations are a frequent addition to scientific papers, conference presentations and educational materials such as information brochures, scientific posters and promotional folders. They help to present complex issues and ideas in an accessible and interesting way. They are also increasingly becoming a requirement in scientific publications.


Our illustrators and 3D artists have over 15 years of experience. When creating illustrations or 3D visualisations, they work closely with scientists and specialists in the field to ensure that the works created meet the highest global standards.


Our specialities:

  • medical illustrations (anatomy, medical procedures, etc.)
  • biological illustrations (natural history, anatomy, animal and plant physiology, etc.)
  • biochemistry and molecular genetics
  • chemical visualisations
  • physical visualisations
  • educational and informative infographics

2D/3D science animation

Getting a wider audience interested in scientific discoveries can sometimes be difficult. One of the best ways is through animation. It is also a very good addition to conference materials. Our company has specialised in creating scientific animations in fields such as medicine, biology (including biochemistry and genetics) or physics.

With animations, it is possible to show in detail how, for example, a technological process or medical procedure is carried out. Animations can also serve as excellent educational materials.


Our specialities:

  • 2D and 3D educational and scientific animations
  • Film editing and post-production
  • Inserting subtitles and animated elements into films
  • Film opening credits and final animations
  • For more information on animation, please visit the animation sub-page.

Printed materials

One important branch of our services is the creation of designs for print, including professional editing and proofreading of text and the preparation of unique graphics. Our many years of experience also enable us to advise on the selection of the right paper, format and print run. Thanks to our permanent cooperation with the printing house, we also provide very favourable printing prices for our customers.


We offer:

  • graphic design - folders, posters, brochures, banners, roll ups and many more,
  • DTP - promotional brochures, scientific books, educational brochures,
  • professional editing and proofreading,
  • printing - for clients who order graphic design from us, we offer favourable prices for printing educational and promotional materials.

Why work with us



For a very long time, we have been assisting our clients - both scientists and scientific institutions - in developing materials to promote their scientific discoveries. These are primarily graphic communication materials such as infographics, illustrations, visualisations and animations, but not only. We also promote Polish science. In collaboration with journalists, we prepare press releases.


We have worked with clients such as the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk, the Max Planck Institute, The Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Warsaw, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the Medical Academy in Gdańsk, and many others.

Substantive and high quality


We are one of the few in Poland to deal with scientific illustration. This is a very specific field of art in which not only good artistic skill is important, but also the ability to assimilate a great deal of scientific knowledge and then to convey this knowledge through images.


In doing so, we place a very strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality both graphically and in terms of content, in order to not only capture the subject correctly, but also to delight the viewer artistically.


Thanks to this approach, our visualisations and infographics clearly stand out, which helps to better promote scientific papers. 

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