Our story

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In the beginning it was just the two of us - Magda and Krzysiek. We each ran a separate business. We were specialists and had years of experience behind us, gathered from many small and large projects. We also quickly came to the conclusion that we complemented each other perfectly, which is why we founded the company in 2016.

From the beginning, however, we were aware that creating animation is a team effort. In order to make better and bigger projects, we need a team of talented people who, like us, want to grow in animation, inspire each other and create great projects.

Our goal is to build an animation studio that can not only produce the most ambitious projects for our clients, but above all one where every artist would like to work.




3D visualisations and animations, special effects

Co-founder of the studio, designer and 3D animator with over 30 years of experience, able to "conjure up" spectacular special effects, author of magazine layouts and book covers. A keen sailor and lover of good architecture.



scripts, illustrations and 2D/3D animation

Studio co-founder, graphic designer, scientific illustrator and 2D/3D animator with a biological background and over 18 years of experience. In design, she likes simplicity and attention to detail. She uses crayons and watercolours in her personal projects.


2D animation and graphics

Ingenious graphic designer and animator. Her speciality is bringing illustrations to life in 2D space.


3D modelling and animation

Talented 3D designer and modeller with a flair for both 2D and 3D animation.


press information

Science journalist, physicist, author of press articles and popular science books, initiator of the first Polish press services at the institutions of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He devotes his free time to tennis and city of Bydgoszcz.