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Animated commercial

A short form of advertising, usually 6-, 15- or 30-seconds long. The advertising spot can be used both as an advertisement on television and in paid campaigns on the Internet, including social media. The basis of a good animated advertising spot is funny characters, an interesting script and a narrative that captures the viewer's attention from the first second.

Promotional animation

Promotional animations are used primarily as an element to tie the customer to the company. They often show the achievements, developments, values of the company/brand. They are usually between 60 and 120 seconds long and can be used both on company websites and social media channels, as an element of branding or in social campaigns, as a form that has a much stronger impact on the recipient than a photo or plain text.

Explainer video

A video explainer is a short form, primarily using 2D animation, whose main purpose is to explain a particular issue. It is based on simplicity of language and imagery, so that it can show the operation of a service or the features/values of a product in a way that is understandable and engaging for the viewer. A 60-120-second 2D animation is ideal for marketing communication and education on a small budget. Thanks to the visual form, the viewer does not need to read a long text, just watch a short animation! The video explainer is ideal for websites and social media.

Product animation

A short form that usually uses 3D animation to present even the smallest detail of a particular product - all its benefits, characteristics and application possibilities. You can use this medium on your company website as well as on social media channels, creating interest among your audience and reassuring them in their purchasing decision.

Medical and scientific animations

Medical and science animations make it possible to convey knowledge in an interesting and accessible form. The main task of these specialised forms of animation is to convey knowledge in scientific fields such as medicine, biology, physics or chemistry.

With the help of medical and scientific animations, we can present any scientific or medical issue in the most accurate way, making it easier for the audience to understand a difficult topic.

Why invest in animation?

A well-made animated film can be a valuable aid to the salesman. Acting at the beginning of the sales funnel, it will attract a potential customer's attention, make them curious, arouse their emotions. And it will also tell a clear and concise story about your product or service. This will make it easier for the sales person at the very beginning of contact with the customer, and the customer may be more likely to make a purchase decision.

In addition, animations are a great communication tool. They can be helpful not only when dealing with customers, but also internally, e.g. as training materials for your employees.

They can show very complicated technological processes or the construction of a device in a clear and transparent way, or explain new procedures. And in addition, they are more comprehensible and attractive to the viewer than traditional videos.

And most importantly: animation is an investment. Because a well thought-out explainer video, for example, can be used in sales for many years after its production. The return on investment is greater the longer we use such an animation.

An investment in animation can bring many other benefits, such as increased brand recognition, better understanding of the product or even standing out in a crowd of adverts. However, it is important to carefully define the objectives to be met, as well as the target audience, and to adapt the animation to the context in order to achieve the desired results.

How does working with us look like?


The first stage of cooperation is the brief. The better you fill it in, the better we can initially analyse your project..


The next step is a meeting (in person or online) where we can get to know your needs in detail and work out the main message of the animation with you.

Refining the script

After the meeting, we refine our proposal and, at the same time, prepare a preliminary script for the animation, which we then discuss with you and make the necessary changes to best meet your needs.

Animation production

Once the animation script is ready, we start producing the animation. You can read more about how the whole process works in the article "How an animation film is made".

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What makes us different??

Inspiring. Interesting. Valuable.

These three words accompany us at all stages of creation. Our projects are distinguished not only by their high quality, but also by our unique approach to storytelling. We firmly believe that any subject can be presented in an interesting way. Our key to success is an empathetic and understanding approach - both to the needs of our clients and their audience. Above all, however, the most important thing for us is the value we give our clients, so that their investment pays off.

No topic is too difficult for us

We have created animations from the most diverse fields. From the strictly scientific (medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy) to explainers from fields such as accounting, HR or... the process of changing a ship's machinery. No subject is too difficult for us.

What our customers say about us

  • Dual Color is characterised by professionalism, substance and attention to detail. For us, an extremely valuable Dual Color value is combining graphic design competence with biological knowledge competence [...]. This made the cooperation comfortable and we could be sure that the resulting graphic designs would be of the right level.
    Dagmara Kaczmarek
    Laboratorium Dermapharm
  • Olympus Poland is pleased to recommend Dual Color as a professional medical and scientific graphics contractor. [...] We would like to recommend the company because its services are of a very high quality and its employees are characterised by their inquisitive [...]
    Louis Burki
    Olympus Polska
  • Full professionalism in contact with the client, preparation of sketches and design. [...] Everything delivered on time. Highly recommend!
    Joanna Sadowska
    Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • [...] The animation was prepared with complete professionalism and - I emphasise because this is not often the case - great personal commitment. The collaboration was comfortable and we could be sure that the resulting project was at the right level. The result exceeded expectations.
    Andrzej Kropiwnicki
    Alfa Communications

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2D/3D animations
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