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Would you like your message to be attractive to the customer?

Well-designed visuals are not only pretty, but also carry valuable content that is interesting to the viewer

Whether it is an animation or a simple drawing, the most important thing is always the story to be told and the emotions to be aroused.

Animations, explainer videos

Animations (e.g. product or explainer videos) are a great communication tool. They can be helpful both with customers and internally as training materials.

Illustrations, visuals, infographics

Illustrations and infographics, on the other hand, make it possible to present complex issues and ideas in an accessible, interesting and visually appealing way across all media, from print to social media. Any style, any topic.

Why invest in customised visual communication?

Message consistency

Stock material has many advantages, such as a low price and being ready to use immediately after ordering, but it is not always matched to the message that is needed. Often, entrepreneurs tailor their message to a graphic purchased from a stock site. Because there was no other, better or more appropriate one. And it should be the other way around. Graphic materials are supposed to complement the main message.

Standing out from the competition

Imagine using the same stock material not only for you, but also for your competitors... How do you differentiate yourself?

Time savings

Consistent visual materials will support your sales department, allowing your employees to focus on completely different aspects of sales.

Improved conversion

Well-crafted visuals can go a long way towards overcoming many of your customers' objections. Thus, they can contribute to more frequent purchase decisions.

What we can prepare

Wizualizacje produktowe i reklamowe

For business

Capture Your Customers' attention with an image and an interesting story

Product illustrations and animations

Present your product in a unique way!!

Explainer video

Show how your service works or present a new idea..

Animated adverts

Capture the attention of new and existing customers with emotive stories and memorable images.

Illustrations and visuals

Stand out from the competition! Let the image give your message an even deeper dimension!!

Wizualizacje naukowe

For Science

Let the whole world know about Your latest discoveries!

Press releases

Bring the results of scientific work to a wider audience

Illustrations and visualisations

Enable a better understanding of scientific work..

2D and 3D science animations

Explain difficult issues in a simple way

Graphic materials

For conferences, symposia, lectures, etc.

Wizualizacje medyczne 3D

For medicine

Use images to explain difficult medical messages clearly and aesthetically!

Anatomical illustrations

Show patients what their body looks like.

Medical animations

Present medical procedures in a clear way.


Provide an easy overview of scientific data

Scientific posters

Convey relevant information in a condensed manner.

What our clients say about us

  • Dual Color is characterised by professionalism, substance and attention to detail. For us, an extremely valuable Dual Color value is the combination of graphic design competence and dott. biological knowledge [...]. This made the cooperation comfortable and we could be sure that the resulting graphic designs would be at the right level.
    Dagmara Kaczmarek
    Laboratorium Dermapharm
  • Olympus Polska is pleased to recommend Dual Color as a professional medical and scientific graphics contractor. [...] We would like to recommend the company because its services are of a very high quality and its employees are characterised by [...].
    Louis Burki
    Olympus Polska

Why work with us?

Focus on results

We firmly believe that any subject can be presented in an interesting way. Above all, however, it is the value we give our clients that is most important to us, so that their investment pays off. Quite simply, your needs come first.


We have created promotional materials in a wide range of fields. From the scientific, to advertising, to the highly technical. No subject is too difficult.

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