Explainer video

What is a video explainer?

An explainer video is also known as an instructional or explanatory video. It is a short animation that aims to explain a complex topic or concept, as well as demonstrate the operation and function of a particular product or service. Its subject matter can be diverse. It can be about new technologies, company procedures or processes, or simply about new concepts that are difficult to explain. 

Characteristics of an explainer video

The defining feature of an explainer is first and foremost its purpose, which is to simplify and explain a complex topic so that anyone watching the video understands the essence of the issue presented. This form makes use of storytelling techniques in order to convey difficult-to-understand information in a simple yet engaging way. Very often, voiceover is used, with the narrator guiding the viewer step by step through the animated content, using simple language and easy-to-understand examples and metaphors.

A video explainer usually lasts between 60 and 120 seconds. This is a short enough format to focus the viewer's attention on the content, but still long enough to convey the most relevant information. 

The most common animation technique that is used in explainer video production is 2D animation. This can be motion design based on icons or other graphic associations, or it can use animated characters or illustrations drawn during the narration (whiteboard animation). Very often, visual identity elements such as appropriate colours, fonts or logos are used in this process. Thanks to such adaptation to the style and image of the brand/company, the explainer is consistent with other marketing or information materials. 

Often there is a call to action (CTA) at the end of such an explainer video. Such an element can motivate the viewer to take a specific step, such as visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter or simply buying a product or service.

Why invest in an explainer video?

First of all, this proven format has been used for many years by many companies and brands to educate, promote products or explain complex concepts. Thanks to the simplicity of narration combined with visually appealing animation, the explainer video is one of the most effective forms of conveying information - the recipient does not have to read a long text, it is enough to watch a short animation! In addition, 2D animation is an ideal form on a relatively small budget and can be used successfully for many years after production, both on your company website and on social media.

Do you need an explainer?

You can watch a sample explainer video below