Scientific animations and visuals

The image is the most effective form of communication. Our company specializes in two areas: medical animation and medical illustration. These are forms of art, which helps to present very complex scientific and medical issues using understandable drawing, visualization or 3D animation.

Appropriately designed graphic form facilitates the transfer of scientific knowledge to non-scientists and also makes it more interesting.

What we can offer?

Thanks to the work with specialists from different fields we offer valuable educational materials such as:

  • illustrations of human anatomy and medical procedures
  • medical and scientific posters
  • scientific 3D visualizations and animations

Why us?

Over the last 10 years we have developed our own style with an outstanding attention to detail. Each order - whether it would be a static image or complex animation - is preceded by a careful study of available reference materials such as the scientific publications and textbooks. This results in excellence of our products.

Medical illustrations

  • medical and biological images
  • concept arts for animation
  • storyboards
  • 3D visualisations

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Scientific animations

  • 3D medical animations
  • visualization of industrial process
  • instructional films in 3D
  • animated intros to movies and presentations

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Mobile applications

  • animated intros
  • 2D/3D graphics
  • special effects
  • game developement
  • games for smartfones and tablets

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