3D movies and postproduction

Animation is one of the most strong interacting form of expression. It is the best way to present concepts and ideas that do not exist in the real world.

Our offer includes:

  • 3D medical (cell and protein molecules models, the entire intra- and extracellular environment, biological process or a medical procedure according to the latest scientific knowledge and many more).
  • visualization of industrial process (objects, packages, and even entire machine parks - we are able to show how they operate).
  • instructional films in 3D (an elegant animated presentation of the principles of a product and step by step method on how to use it’s instructions).
  • animated intros to movies and games.
  • 3D special effects for movies, TV commercials, YouTube channel or on a web page,
  • and many others.

In addition to performing the animation itself we are also involved in post-production and special effects supplied footage, both for the production of television and cinema.

In our offer there are also:

  • montage
  • special effects
  • additional elements, such as leading, subtitles and endings.

We worked on productions for advertising, television, movies and games. We also have experience in working with actors recording the motion capture sequence.

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Medical illustrations

  • medical and biological images
  • concept arts for animation
  • storyboards
  • 3D visualisations

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Scientific animations

  • 3D medical animations
  • visualization of industrial process
  • instructional films in 3D
  • animated intros to movies and presentations

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Mobile applications

  • animated intros
  • 2D/3D graphics
  • special effects
  • game developement
  • games for smartfones and tablets

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